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GVS PORETICS Filter, Disk, PCTE Hydrophilic, 0.05µm, 19mm, 100/PK 1221229

GVS -- BendaTECPIM000526268
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GVS Polycarbonate Track Etched (PCTE) Membrane is made from a thin polycarbonate film with precisely defined pores. It is ideally suited for use in cellular-based filtration assays as well as filtration applications where high purity is required. The membrane is produced through a two-step, proprietary manufacturing process that employs high-quality standards. In the first step, polycarbonate film is exposed to ion particles that pass through it. As the ions pass through the film, they create “tracks” where the polymer is damaged. The beamed film is then exposed to a chemical that etches out the tracks creating precise, cylindrical pores. Pore density is controlled by the number of tracks per unit area, and pore size is controlled by varying the temperature, strength, and time of exposure to the etching solution. This unique process allows for increased control over pore size and density to ensure the physical properties of each membrane precisely fit your specifications. The resulting membrane is a thin, translucent polycarbonate film with a smooth, flat surface. All particles larger than the pore size are captured on its surface.

Detail Produk

Jenis Produk Consumables
Nomor Komponen 1221229
Merek GVS
Dimensi Kotor (WxDxH cm)
Dimensi Bersih, (WxDxH cm) 128 x 100 x 23
Berat Kotor (kg)
Berat Bersih (kg) 0.07

Pore Size 0.05μm
Membrane Diameter 19mm
Membrane Polycarbonate
Color Plain
Sterilized No


In over 40 years of history, GVS has evolved from a supplier of components for the healthcare sector to a global Group that produces highly technological diversified filtration solutions.


The Group has always paid great attention to research, development and innovation of its products and processes and has shown a strong trend towards development in global markets since its foundation.