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Biolin Theta Pulsating Drop system TF300-PD200

Biolin Scientific -- BendaTECPIM000309043
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Cat.No.TF300-PD200Theta Pulsating Drop systemFull Theta Pulsating Drop system for interfacial viscoelastic characterization at liquid-air or liquid-liquid interfaces for example for emulsion and foam studies. Includes all the necessary accessories for both standard and inverted interfacial rheology as well as an automatic evaporation compensation. The package includes:TF300, Theta Flex Optical Tensiometer frameT310, Manual XYZ sample stageT221, Manual dispenser holder for C205M or C201 single dispenserC201, Automatic single liquid dispenserT214, Pulsating drop module PD200 (with straight gauge 14 needle, C209-14)C210-14, Gauge 14 hooked needleC208A, Large cuvetteIf temperature control is needed, please add e.g. C203E, Measuring chamber, electrically heated, 250 C."Biolin, Sweden"

Detail Produk

Model Theta Pulsating Drop system
Jenis Produk Equipment
Nomor Komponen TF300-PD200
Merek Biolin Scientific
Dimensi Kotor (WxDxH cm)
Dimensi Bersih, (WxDxH cm) 23x76.5x43.5
Berat Kotor (kg)
Berat Bersih (kg) 29

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