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Biolin Sigma Force Tensiometer 703D T703D

Biolin Scientific -- BendaTECPIM000309038
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Cat.No.T703DSigma Force Tensiometer 703DA Digital Stand-alone Semi-automatic Tensiometer for surface and interfacial tensions as well as density of liquids.Equipped with:1.Built-in large graphic LCD display2.Super sensitive microbalance with transport locking and overload 3.Illuminated specially coated easily cleanable measuring area4.Manually driven sample stage5.Sample vessel with outer diameter 70mm 6.Embedded software to measure surface tension (ST) and interfacial tension (IT) using Du Nouy ring and/or Wilhelmy plate, as well as the density of liquids"7.Built-in control keyboard for operator interface8.RS232C connection to optional printer9. USB-connection for data output to external PC computer10.PC software module to read the data to and ASCII file and/or Spread sheet, such as Microsoft ExcelSpecifications:11.Maximum balance load up to 5g, weighing resolution 0.01 mg (optimized for surface tension and interfacial tension measurement)"12.Measuring range up to 1,000 mN/m, 13.Resolution 0.01 mN/m14.Density measurement range 1-2200 kg/m315.Force resolution 0.01mNIncluded in the price are: 1.Tensiometer2.Sample vessel 70mm3.Calibration weight4.Instruction manual (in PDF-format) and the Data Transfer Software 5.Dust coverNote! Requires Du Nouy ring (T106) and/or Wilhelmy plate (T107) as well as the density probe (T113) where applicable (not included automatically with the instrument)"Biolin, Sweden"

Detail Produk

Model Sigma 703D
Jenis Produk Equipment
Nomor Komponen T703D
Merek Biolin Scientific
Dimensi Kotor (WxDxH cm)
Dimensi Bersih, (WxDxH cm) 15.5x27.5x39.2
Berat Kotor (kg)
Berat Bersih (kg) 5

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Biolin Scientific

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